Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Metropolitan Refunds, established in 1991, is a founder and leader in the utility and real property tax auditing industry. For more than 25 years Metropolitan Refunds has served as a resource to residential, commercial and not-for-profit property owners and managers. From locating and correcting historical errors, to reducing future costs, Metropolitan Refunds guides its clients and keeps them informed of current opportunities.

To achieve the greatest benefit for our clients, Metropolitan Refunds is staffed by real estate professionals, who are experts in auditing utility and real property tax. Metropolitan Refunds has developed proprietary software systems that enable us to uncover billing errors and find savings opportunities that others have not detected. The combination of industry professionals and technology enable us to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

Metropolitan Refunds is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. No attorney client relationship or attorney client privilege shall apply.


Jason Bokor


Jason received his Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University Law School in 1995. Jason has developed an expertise in auditing all aspects of utility and property tax charges. Jason secured numerous million dollar adjustments in auditing water/sewer, gas and electric utility charges. Jason has been qualified as an expert witness in utility auditing matters by New York State Courts. Jason founded and oversees Metropolitan’s sub-meter rebill/collect and automatic meter reading (AMR) service. Jason is also a partner in the law firm of Goldberg & Bokor, LLP an unrelated entity to Metropolitan Refunds.

Scott Goldberg


Scott received his Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1990. Over the past decade, Scott has been successful in recovering millions of dollars for clients through DOF and Utility billing errors. Scott has testified in various courts in New York State and has offered testimony before the New York City Water Board concerning water and sewer billing policies. Scott has also been active in the legislative process concerning New York City Property Tax regulations and legislation. Scott is also a partner in the law firm of Goldberg & Bokor, LLP an unrelated entity to Metropolitan Refunds.


Yi Fe Cao

Water & Sewer Analyst/Governmental filings

Yi joined Metropolitan Refunds in September 2005. Yi audits water and sewer bills for utility errors as well as works on sub-meter billing. Yi is also involved with the governmental filings such as Local Laws 69, 84/133 and 87. Yi has tremendous ability with technology and is active in Metropolitan Refunds’ IT Department.

Sudan Das

Property Tax Analyst

Sudan joined Metropolitan Refunds in March 2005. Sudan’s expertise is an integral part of Metropolitan Refunds’ DOF auditing division. Sudan specializes in locating and analyzing tax abatement and tax exemption issues and recovering millions of dollars for NYC Real Property Owners.

Philip Greenspan

Gas and Electric Procurement and Utility AuditIng/Sales

Philip joined Metropolitan Refunds in October of 2016. Philip holds an MBA from Touro College and has spent the last decade auditing gas and electric charges. Philip has recovered millions of dollars in overcharges and has developed unique skills in the procurement of electric and gas commodities from Energy Supply Companies. Philip’s expertise goes well beyond New York, bringing Metropolitan Refunds the ability to audit electric and gas charges on a national level.

Rochelle Kleinworm

Customer Service/Accounting/Sales

Rochelle joined Metropolitan Refunds in June of 2015. Rochelle assists clients with customer service related issues. Rochelle performs sales as well as oversees the Accounting Department.

Meg Poretz

Property Tax Auditing / Customer Service

Meg joined Metropolitan Refunds in April 2001. Meg conducts audits of DOF accounts and acts as a liaison with DOF. Meg is also involved with auditing various utility charges and serves as a customer service representative.

Shireen Raghoo

Governmental Fillings / Customer Service

Shireen joined Metropolitan Refunds in December 2006. Shireen assists our clients in complying with various governmental programs. Shireen is also an integral part of the customer service team at Metropolitan Refunds.

Ronald Thomas

Property Inspections

Ronald joined Metropolitan Refunds in June 2000. Ronnie leads the property inspection team. Ronnie is responsible for the monthly scheduling and inspection of our clients’ utility meter readings.