Our Services

Real Property Tax Audits

Metropolitan Refunds’ tax audit division specializes in the analysis of New York City Department of Finance taxes and charges. A comprehensive review may reveal many errors in areas such as J-51 abatements and exemptions, Shelter Rent Charges, SCRIE, MCI, DOH, 421-A, ICIP, ICAP, Article 5, Article 11, tax liens and other programs.

Water & Sewer

Metropolitan Refunds can help you navigate through the bureaucracy of the Department of Environmental Protection. Let our team of experts audit your water and sewer billing to ascertain if there are any billing errors or savings opportunities.

Electric & Gas

Our team of veteran professionals has developed state of the art auditing procedures for many of the major utilities in the country. Our audit will include a comprehensive and thorough analysis of all components of your electric, gas, and steam bills.

Utility Procurement From ESCOs

We locate and negotiate opportunities for savings through the purchase of electricity and natural gas from Energy Supply Companies (“ESCO’s”). We do not charge a fee for this service, as we earn a commission from the ESCO. Taking advantage of the relationships that we have with many ESCO’s allows Metropolitan Refunds to routinely secure the best possible price for our clients.

Local Law 84 / 133, Local Law 87 and Local Law 69 Governmental Filings

Metropolitan Refunds performs benchmarking and yearly filings for properties required to report energy consumption to New York City in accordance with Local Law 84/133. We also perform the filings and engineering details for retro-commissioning – Local Law 87. We can also assist our clients in the application process for various programs with the Department of Finance and Department of Environmental Protection.

Sub Meter Billing Services

We establish and maintain a water meter reading and billing program that is specifically designed to ensure the accurate sub-meter billing of tenants. We generate monthly or quarterly bills to alleviate the burden of reading meters and calculating charges.